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Natural Cats Candy Snack Ball Rotatable Toy Catnip Pure Cat Molar Toothpaste Edible Bolus Teeth Cleaning Bite-resistant Toys

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1. Catnip balls have a strong aroma that entices cats.

2. The 360-degree rotation design increases a cat's interest, triggering its chasing instincts.

3. Promotes exercise in cats, boosting their vitality.

4. Catnip balls are typically soft and chew-resistant, suitable for cats to chew and play with.

5. The moderate size allows cats to easily grasp and play with them.

6. The materials of catnip balls are usually safe and non-toxic, ensuring the cat's health.

7. Helps cats relieve stress and soothe anxiety.

8. Provides cats with opportunities for self-entertainment, reducing the burden on owners.

9. Sparks curiosity in cats, increasing their desire to explore the surrounding environment.

10. The design of catnip balls allows cats to expend excess energy during play, contributing to maintaining a healthy weight and overall well-being.

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