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Pets Dog Chew Stuffed Funny Dinosaur Shape Cats Corn Wool Vocal Toy Apply To Training Exercise Simulation Animal Chihuahua Toys

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Color: green Corn wool toy

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Pet Vocal Toy

This stuffed dog toy is a cute chew toy dog designed by the designer. The simulation animal toys are very cute. I believe you will love this Corn wool pet toy.

Product Details

Built-in sound generator
Allows dogs to have more interaction and stimulate interest when playing with toys

Corn wool material
Improving the bite resistance of toys is also a good helper for pets to grind their teeth

Precision stitching
The stitching of the toy edge is more delicate, extending the service life of the toy, and paying all his own company to accompany him

Cute shape
Relieve stress and reduce destructive behavior

Pet real shot


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