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YiMeido Zipper Bag AB Diamond Painting Panda Diamond Mosaic Animal Cartoon Rhinestone Embroidery Full Round Square Cross Stitch

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Color: 1

Size: AB Round 20x25

AB Round 20x25
AB Square 20x25
AB Square 30x40
AB Round 30x40
AB Round 40x50
AB Square 40x50
AB Square 45x60
AB Round 45x60
AB Square 50x70
AB Round 50x70
AB Round 60x80
AB Square 60x80
AB Square 70X90
AB Round 70X90
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Feature1: Full Square/Round diamond painting 
Feature2:Full Square/RoundAB Drill Diamond Painting

Application: Home / hotel / living room / kitchen / office decoration / gift / entertainment / 
What is "AB Diamond"
The original ordinary diamond cut surface laser process,
Presents shiny colors.In the diamond painitng,AB diamonds are
used to embelish and make the diamond painting more shiny if you
choose one color to use "AB diamond " in your diamond painting!!!
Color Quantity: 15-60 Colors
AB Color Quantity:
20x25cm,30x40cm,                2-4 AB Diamond
40x50cm,50x60cm,                4-6 AB Diamond
60x80cm,70x90cm,                6-10 AB Diamond

Diamond style: Zip bags 
Canvas material: Velvet cloth
About Drill: 100% Full square/round drill
Material: Square/Round Acrylic Diamond
Picture size: Any size can be customized
About Frame: No Frame,  After you complete required for
adhesion to the local buy Frame

Canvas Package: Roll up , Avoid Creases
Package Include: Full drill diamond , printed cloth, tools
If you need to customize other sizes,please feel free to contact us.
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Ordinary Diamond Display

Square Ordinary Diamond Dispaly

Round Ordinary Diamond Dispaly

AB Diamond Display

AB Round Diamond Display

AB Polished Diamond Display

AB Diamond Packaging Display

Someone Else's Diamond
The manual bag is distributed according to the number of pieces,There are many errors in machine printing and it is easy to
appear the phenomenonof lack of diamonds and unclear color numbersThe outer packaging doesn't look good!

Zip Bags Diamonds

Distribution by weight, More accurate, will not appear The lack of diamonds,
Serial number, diamond color number, Weight, clear at a glance The outer packaging is more exquisite! ! !

 Recommended Size

Recommended size is greater than or equal to 50x60

Canvas-Velvet Cloth Display-1

Velvet Cloth: It feels more comfortable, and the colors will be more vivid.

Embossed Lace: Visual enjoyment makes the product more high-end.

Brush Glue: It is not easy to fold, and you can directly see the exquisite design manuscript.

Overall Effect: Get rid of traditional craftsmanship and create high-quality and high-tech products,

making the products look more high-end

Canvas-Velvet Cloth Display-2

                                      Canvas Contrast Display

Ordinary canvas:
The material is hard,and the printing color is not rich enough.

Glue  Our canvas:
The material is soft ,The printing color is rich,The color is stored for a long time We use glue.

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